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A/N- I found this in my writing folder as another potential set up piece, but decided after a few tweaks that I rather enjoy it the way it stands now. Let me know your thoughts on it~ Enjoy!

It took- well, longer than she cared to admit to rally the courage to call them. Before, it hadn't mattered.

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A/N- I wanted to do a River/ Grandparent Ponds story, but it grew way out of proportion and will have to be split up in so many different parts. So, here's part one of these types of stories- the Ponds find out. As always, reviews highly appreciated. Enjoy!

"So Amelia, I take it you two weren't really in Thailand all that time, were you?" asked Tabetha

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She had just arrived in Britain- a land as foreign and unfamiliar to her as the comet on which she was born.  They had assured her that her mother had lived here, somewhere.  She knew she would have to be on her guard- her previous… owners weren’t so much a problem nowRead more... )
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It wasn't all monsters and maniacs. She had one faithful angel. Well, that's what she liked to call him.

A/N- I'm… not even sure where this came from. Angsty. Enjoy.

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She needed a hero to help her rescue herself.

All quotes belong to Steven Moffat. No infringement intended.

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