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Rating: K+
Characters/Relationships: 1st Doctor & Susan Foreman; War Doctor; 9th Doctor & TARDIS; Brigadier; 10th Doctor; Sarah Jane
Word Count: 997
Summary:The Doctor was once just the man who ran away from home to see the universe. But he's become so much more than that since the War.
Written for dw-remix. A combined remix of Atrogirl's stories: Home Is the Place That's There for You to Leave, Survivor, Veteran, and The Weather in Your Eyes, because all were so amazing it was too hard to just choose one. Thank you to [ profile] morganfm for the beta.

His young eyes survey this unchosen birthplanet as he prepares to run away, weary of the rules and regulations, disillusioned with neglected power of his people. The stars themselves now summon, beckoning him away from this prison he'd once called home. And when Susan asks where they and his quite old new ship shall go, he replies anywhere, meaning everywhere, giddy with the possibilities.

Perhaps, he hopes,

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A/N- I plan on doing another series of one- shots of different moments/ emotions/ reasons for from the TARDIS’ point of view.  This is the thing that first came to mind- she would have to be as crazy as the Doctor to run as he did.  Being as she’s the TARDIS, I’ve tried playing with the tenses as I would imagine a being that exists in all of time would perceive things.   This is the first of quite a few situations that come to mind.  As always, suggestions are welcome, as well as reviews to let me know how the tenses thing works or if it makes any sense.  Please let me know whether or not I should continue this series in this format.

She had travelled well.  Far.  Long.  Boring planets where she was witness to boring meetings and new pacts and treaties.  She did her duty and taxied her owners to and fro, as she was created to do.  She had existed would exist did exist to serve and to obey and to follow.  So she served would obey had followed as was her duty.  Then, they readied her for decommission, she had lived was living will one day live a long life, enough for her kind.  But she looked into her own heart and realized she wanted so much more.  For millennia on end she had simply been. Now, discussing it with her sisters who always thought her peculiar, she wanted to see.  She wants to experience.  She will long to feel.

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It took him years to learn...

A/N: I love the Doctor with a family, and his very first companion. I’m thinking of writing a couple more chapters like this involving the origins of some of his more peculiar behaviors. Suggestions welcome. This is also my first attempt at light- heartedness so please review and tell me what you think.
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