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Rating: K
Summary: Tabetha and Augustus Pond are excited to meet their granddaughter and attend her graduation. They just have to figure out how to get to her first, as only Ponds can do.
Notes: This loosely relates to "That Woman is my Daughter," but can be taken either a one-shot or part two of a three-shot. Please enjoy and review!

After revealing the truth about their daughter and her non- childhood, it was easy for Amy to extend River's graduation invitation to the eager first- time grandparents.

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Rating: K+
Summary: Those old photos your parents bring out to embarrass you can cause even more discomfort when you're a time traveller.

Notes: Just some humour to offset the recent angsty chapters. Enjoy! As always, reviews greatly appreciated.

It was the day after Easter, River's first with her new husband, even though he seemed farther ahead this time.

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Summary: The Doctor has a nightmare about this one visit... to a Library. The Ponds do their best to help him through it.
Disclaimer: All quotes belong to the BBC and Davies and Moffat.
Rating: G

"River! Please! Don't go there. Don't ever go there. Stay with me. Don't!

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Rating: K+
Summary: Back from Demons Run, Rory adjusts to the idea that he has a daughter.

River had dropped them off from Demons Run not too long ago, leaving them alone and giving them time to deal with their tremendous burden.

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A/N- I wanted to do a River/ Grandparent Ponds story, but it grew way out of proportion and will have to be split up in so many different parts. So, here's part one of these types of stories- the Ponds find out. As always, reviews highly appreciated. Enjoy!

"So Amelia, I take it you two weren't really in Thailand all that time, were you?" asked Tabetha

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A/N- I keep having ideas for River/ Doctor stories, so I decided to make a separate series from the Pond ones for them.  These "shippy" ones will be under the tag "Mr. Song & Mrs. Smith."

Not really sure where this came from, but I like it. Doctor/ River fluff. Explains why River met the Doctor in the Impossible Astronaut, other than the obvious. A little out there when I got to the analogy, but I like where it ended up.

Disclaimer: I know little to nothing about minerals or fish- so I made it alien which fixes everything. I only own the idea, not the characters, which belong to Steven Moffat and the BBC. Please review.

After he left her parents back on Earth, it was not uncommon for the Doctor to seek out River for their own private adventures. They travelled the stars, the Doctor and his new Song, always running, always fighting, nearly always together. Then the time came when they met up yet again, where the Doctor finally realized the inevitable.

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A/N- This idea and then the writing of this story had me in tears, and I thought it only fair you share my pain.  I blame Moffat.  Please review.

All the lights were off in the once cheery TARDIS blue- doored house.  The Doctor half- sonicked the lock, then roughly finished opening the door as he jammed his way violently into the front foyer.  He looked around, all the happy memories still framed on the walls, prized belongings shelved for all the world to see.  As if memories brought happiness. Read more... )


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