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Rating: K
Summary: Tabetha and Augustus Pond are excited to meet their granddaughter and attend her graduation. They just have to figure out how to get to her first, as only Ponds can do.
Notes: This loosely relates to "That Woman is my Daughter," but can be taken either a one-shot or part two of a three-shot. Please enjoy and review!

After revealing the truth about their daughter and her non- childhood, it was easy for Amy to extend River's graduation invitation to the eager first- time grandparents.

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A/N- I wanted to do a River/ Grandparent Ponds story, but it grew way out of proportion and will have to be split up in so many different parts. So, here's part one of these types of stories- the Ponds find out. As always, reviews highly appreciated. Enjoy!

"So Amelia, I take it you two weren't really in Thailand all that time, were you?" asked Tabetha

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A/N- We had fun with a little humor, but now here's a little angst. Here is my Post- Manhattan Pond tribute. For this reason, I only used moments from the show.

It had only been two weeks for him. Three weeks since he'd sent his son and daughter- in law off to live a life of adventure. Two weeks exactly since Anthony had arrived with a letter explaining they would never return to him. Two weeks since he'd also taken the Ponds their letter from Amy and together the four of them had grieved and rejoiced in the news of their children. Two weeks of trying to put on a brave face for his friends and in- laws. But now it was time to try to move forward.

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