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Summary: River has a certain habit she maintains around her husband. What happens when this time, her husband isn't the only one affected? Includes Amy, Rory, Martha, Donna, Jack, Canton, Mickey, and Rose. Rated T for the premise itself, as well as insinuations. One- shot, though universe may grow.

A/N- I don't know why this idea amused me so, nor why I chose these particular characters to participate, but it did and I did so that's that. Warning in advance- this borders on downright saucy. As always, reviews (especially about character work) appreciated. No context for this story, just assume it's in roughly the same universe as "Not so Strange Bedfellows." Thank you to the wonderful morganfm for the beta and for helping me clarify any confusion from the original post!  Have fun...


Once River had learned how it was done, she did it often enough to always keep things interesting between them.

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A/N- This chapter is rated a solid PG-13/ T.  It deals with the appearance of one Captain Jack Harkness in the lives of the Ponds.  It’s a tie in for previous and potential future chapters, but not altogether necessary if the rating makes you nervous.
If you do read it, please let me know what you think.  This is my first serious attempt at the Captain.  Thank you!

They were in a tavern on the third crater of Zulon, waiting for their husbands at the end of their girls’ day.  River was trying to get her mother to ignore her injured ankle, which she had twisted running from a rabid creature known as an abaoun.  Eventually, River had convinced the creature that a pond full of fish would be a better place to scout for a meal.  Suddenly, a man approached them, tall, brunette, and with the distinct swagger of someone used to getting his way.  River was married to a man with such a swagger.
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