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Summary: The Doctor keeps trying to send his TARDIS away.  But now she has a stray who can help her save him.

Her thief is staying, will stay, always stays. He sends her far away from him, from then, from now, with his blonde stray trapped inside. If she stays, she will perish too. He cannot bear to let her see his deeds. Get her home. Keep her safe. Let her live. See me not. He has commanded, entreated, programmed, hidden. She has seen will obey understands his falsehood that keeps the child clutching her console while he abandons has abandoned them both to safety.

She has settled, will settle, accepts the last request he gave her when he forced her to stop running. She is prepared will prepare has prepared to collect dust until she is forgotten on a small blue planet far from home. On a distant sandy planet while their home is rent in war. He will die has died is about to die, and she will be can't be must be alone at last. It was time to stay still. Or so she had despaired.

His beautifully young stray is just as stubborn as she is. She fights tries to fight doesn't really want to fight but must fight to keep locked tight and win the fight against her centre console. But the girl is was tries to be more determined. The conscience tests her too, and asks about her madman. She longs to obey her thief. She hates being told the rules. She wants to keep him safe. He has asked did ask asks her now to abandon him.

Hello Doctor. Stay alive. Remember how we run together. Do not leave me to walk away alone.

The girl is worthy. The girl loves her thief as she does. Together, they can protect, they have protected, they do protect him now. They will protect him from becoming a false god.

Blonde stray. Too young to die. The only hope he has. Too mortal for her plans. Her thief cannot perish. He is foolish when he is alone. The girl is willing to save him. She is willing to sacrifice the girl. The girl is her only hope to rescue her thief. She is not will never can't ever be ready to give him back.

She knows has known will always know the power of the vortex in her eternal mind. She looks into the girl and the girl looks into her. They are both worthy. They share have shared will shared their souls for a Moment.

Her Doctor is, will be, must be safe.

She is they are they have become soldiers. She can end will end repeatedly ends the war. He will still be her Doctor. She can rescue him. She will rescue him. He will not cannot will never be able to hide from her. She will not collect dust. He will not come to dust. She will give him has given him will always turn back to give him hope.

And as he is tested and tried for one, infinite Moment, they can save have saved return to save will eventually save him once more. Because she can see the whole of time and space. And whenever her beautiful idiot is lost, she finds has found will always find him, wherever he is.

And bring him home to her again.


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