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Rating: K
Characters/Relationships: The TARDIS; 3rd Doctor & Bessie
Word Count: 200
Summary: The Doctor wasn't the only one banished to Earth.
A double drabble remix for the DW Remix community: another astrogirl2 story called "DOING TIME. Because I couldn't just do one, in the end.
Please Review.

She will, could, did- is.

Her thoughts are so narrowed now. Reaching, aching: she tries, but- oh, she has forgotten. Betrayed in the present by her thief for an unfeeling engine that is not her and that does not love him as she does. Has. Will.

She cannot remember the future. Horrible... tenses have meaning now. She is trapped by time. Linear, progressive, imposing, crushing time. She feels broken: confined as weak creatures like Time Lords and strays. Sympathy pours through her at their lifelong plight. Her... current struggle. Contained by the passage of what should move freely. DID move freely.

She understands now. She wishes she didn't.

It hurts.

Weighed down by the punishment of his theft. She suffers too. Worse. He doesn't need her here. They had always needed each other. Had had one another. Now, though resignedly, he goes on without her.

That hurts more.

And, she is powerless to stop him. He doesn't know how to fix her. She can't remember what's broken. His people have punished her, also.

They will escape one linear day. She hopes it. Knows it. She cannot go on like this forever. And she can testify that such a thing exists.

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