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Rating: K
Summary: Tabetha and Augustus Pond are excited to meet their granddaughter and attend her graduation. They just have to figure out how to get to her first, as only Ponds can do.
Notes: This loosely relates to "That Woman is my Daughter," but can be taken either a one-shot or part two of a three-shot. Please enjoy and review!

After revealing the truth about their daughter and her non- childhood, it was easy for Amy to extend River's graduation invitation to the eager first- time grandparents.

They both enthusiastically jumped at this chance to be a part of her life, while Amy and Rory beamed, delighted that River would have an actual, proper family to support her as she received her degree. Well, the first degree of many, her proud mother mused. After all- the Doctor had spoiled her. Professor River Song...

"So, how do we get there?" asked Tabetha.

"Probably the TARDIS," responded Amy, looking to Rory for assurance, who nodded in agreement.

"The what?" asked Augustus.

"That's the name of the Doctor's ship. It stands for Time and Relative Dimension in Space," explained Amy.

"And, our Melody, she knows we're coming?" asked Tabetha, wondering how exactly to prepare to meet your only grown granddaughter for the first time.

"She invited us- all of us," declared Amy confidently.

"Right. And are you sure the Doctor is willing to take us in his magic ship?" prodded her mother.

"He had better."

"So, after he drops us off, will he be able to pick us up again?" Augustus was trying to very hard to think past the exciting possibility of seeing his little, or not so little, Melody and onto the practicalities of their journey.

"More than likely he'll be staying through the graduation."

This Raggedy Doctor was perhaps beginning to endear himself to the elder Ponds. Not completely, since Melody was an adult now partly because of him and they had spent years convinced their daughter was a bit of a lunatic when he left her, but it really was kind that he was so keen to be involved in Melody's life just because she was Amy and Rory's daughter.

"Oh! Well, that's rather sweet of him, staying for your daughter's graduation,"

"Not really."


"No! I didn't mean it like that. I just meant, he'd probably go even if we weren't there. You see… River, Melody's new name, is or at least will be I think, Mrs. Doctor."


"Don't. Just don't."

"Rory's not really adjusted to it yet. Even though they're perfect for each other!"

"Yeah, well, maybe a bit. Okay, exactly perfect. But still! She's my daughter!" agreed the Roman, resignedly.

"She's a grown woman!" Amy reminded him.

"He rarely acts like a grown man!"

"Except when she's around."

"That's when he acts even more immature!" he argued, determined to get her to see his side.

"Their flirting? Showing off for her?" She crossed her arms and raised an eyebrow, a knowing look on her face. Rory sighed in acquiescence.

"Well, I've been practicing my speech."

"What speech?" Amy scoffed.

"My, 'you hurt my daughter, I'll hurt you speech.' The father of the bride speech," he explained.

"And you think she'll let him what- ask you for her hand?"

"It's only right, Amy! Besides, she made him that one time before... When she was Mels... She wanted him to have our permission first..."

She gave him a look, as though he were daft and so very naive. He stared back, trying to argue his point with an eager expression. At her look of absolute pity, he conceded the silent argument with a loud exhale.

"Anyway, I've been practicing my speech."

"Uh-huh. And you'll hurt him how?"

"2,000 years, Amy. I know how to use a sword. And shoot a gun."

"What's that?" asked Augustus, turning his head to make sure he'd heard correctly.

"A discussion for another time," responded Amy, smiling fondly at her husband before turning to see Tabetha carefully falling into a chair.

"Mum. Are you alright?"

"Fine. Fine. Just taking a moment. Not every day you learn your daughter had a baby you never met who died and became another person who is now fully grown, graduating university, and married to an alien. Someday. Oh, and that your son- in- law has a weapons fetish."

"It's not a fetish!" exclaimed Rory in embarrassment. "I just know how to use them, that's all."

"Them?" asked Augustus, still curious.

"A sword," his son- in- law clarified. "And a gun. A shield. Blaster. Javelin. Bomb- River did teach me how to m- never mind," he quickly amended, seeing the increasing worry on his in- laws faces. "Just your basic... knowledge, really."

Amy cleared her throat.

"Anyway, Mum, we've been trying to get a hold of the right Doctor- we don't want to accidently bump into a different version," she clarified at her mother's confused expression, "so we could go see Ri- Melody's graduation."

"Well, why can't you call him?" asked Tabetha, wondering why it shouldn't be that simple.

"He never answers his phone," explained Rory.

"Okay... why don't you use the internet? Can't you two figure out something with that Twitlr or Facespace or something?"

"The Doctor's even more useless at that sort of thing than you, Dad," said Amy with a tender smile on her face. After a moment, she turned to her mother.

"Okay- no choice. We've got to advertise our problem," said Tabetha with conviction.


"In the newspaper. Surely, as someone who you say goes through all of time and space, he must keep up on current events."

"Did you hear the sentence that just left your mouth, Mum?" asked Amy incredulously, even as Tabetha stood, going to the desk and picking up a piece of paper, before sitting next to Augustus, the two of them whispering conspiratorially as they discussed their madcap scheme.

Finally, they stood up, satisfied with their work.

"We'll see you two in a few days," they said, gathering their things as they made their way to the door.

"Wait," said Amy, eying them warily, "can't you at least let us see it?"

"It'll be fine, Amelia dear, no need to fuss," said Tabetha, grabbing her bag before walking outside. "Now, you just call us when that Doctor comes, and we'll pop right over."

The next day, Rory tossed a newspaper down in front of Amy's face, open to a page that read WANTED: Imaginary Friend Who Travels in Blue Box & Can Transport Us to Important Event in Granddaughter's Life. Must Pick Up Daughter and Son- In- Law First, and Give Us Time To Dress.

When Amy looked up with a bemused smile on her face, Rory tossed another newspaper with the same message on it in front of her. And another. And another.

"It seems they've taken out space in every major newspaper in the country, as well as all the local ones."

"Well, they've very determined to see their granddaughter's graduation," said Amy, head in her hands, debating whether to laugh or to groan.

"And proving more and more that she is their granddaughter," replied Rory with a light chuckle, which he quickly turned into a cough when Amy looks up at him with a glare.

"Just saying Amy. Subtlety is definitely not a Pond family trait."

He escapes just as one of the newspapers flies toward his head, smiling as he takes his breakfast into his study.

It's been nearly one week and after opening her newspaper once more to the same want ad that's been running daily in every major publication they've come across, Amy picks up the phone, determined to put a stop to her parent's schemes, convincing them the Doctor will come when he's good and ready and not a moment before. As she's pushing the "call" button on her mobile, she unbelievably hears the noise of the TARDIS breaks.

Rory runs into the room, Amy shouting a hurried "He's here!" into the phone at her parents, as the Doctor's ship materializes before their eyes. It's parked in the middle of the room, and Amy and Rory rush into action.

Amy rushed to get the gifts they had chosen for River before hearing a car pull up to the house. Rory answered the frantic knocking at the door to his clearly excited in- laws.

"Tabetha had a cake made," explained Augustus as he carefully balanced said cake precariously in his hands. The cake decoration read in very large letters, WE ARE SO PROUD OF OUR MELODY, with an image of a diploma and fireworks behind it. "We were just picking it up when you called."

"What would you have done had he taken longer?" asked Amy as Rory dashed forward, helping Tabetha with the many packages she was currently carrying.

"Have you met your mother? She would never have stood for it," chuckled Augustus, earning him a glare from his wife before they both stopped suddenly, in awe of the Raggedy Doctor's Magic Phone Box.

"Well, what are we waiting for?" asked Tabetha at last, collecting herself and moving forward to open the door, her and her husband's mouths gaping wide as they stepped into the bigger-on-the- inside box.

"It- I-" began Augustus, Tabetha speechless beside him.

"Oh, he loves to hear it, just go ahead," said Amy, smiling at her parents reactions, even as she looked around for her best friend.

"He didn't give us time to dress," Tabetha finally got out, patting her hair and looking down at the everyday clothes she was currently sporting.

"Hmm. He probably wasn't expecting that," said Amy, turning to share a look of contentment with Rory before he closed the door behind them, just as she began to shout for the Doctor, who still had yet to appear.

Rory took the cake from Augustus, setting it on the chair near the console as he and Tabetha looked around, trying to process the ship around them.

"Doctor?!" repeated Amy, going downstairs and looking around the seemingly- empty vessel. As she and Rory shrugged at each other, they felt the rumble and tremors of the TARDIS taking off. Amy quickly shouted for her parents to hold on as they all grabbed hold of the closest railings.

"Amy!" shouted Rory in confusion, not seeing the Doctor anywhere, "What's happening?! Where is he?"

"I don't know! How are we moving if he's not here? Who's flying this thing?!"

Suddenly, a hologram appeared in the middle of the room, and an image of the Doctor materialized in front of Amy.

"Emergency protocol R3. Ooh, this works! Pond, if this is activated, it means your daughter nicked my ship, again, and is in a situation where she is unable to return it at the moment. Please go retrieve her and convince her to give me back my TARDIS! Oh, and apologize for me for whatever she thinks I did- will do- will have done when she felt it okay to take my ship!"

They stuttered to a stop at last, the older Ponds breathless with excitement as the younger Ponds looked at one another in exasperation of their daughter and best friend's gimmicks.

Finally, Amy spoke up with a resigned shake of her head, "Well, best go find her. Mum, Dad, no telling what's out there. Just, stay here a bit and we'll be right back. If you go down that corridor and make a left, then a left, and a right at the third door, then two more lefts you'll find a kitchen. Why don't you go put the kettle on or something?"

Her parents looked at her briefly before meeting each other's eyes and silently agreeing, both taking the opportunity to peek into each door to see what lay inside as they searched out said kitchen.

Meanwhile, with sighs followed by excited smiles, Amy and Rory went in search of their daughter.

They returned about a half hour later, by which time Amy's parents had made themselves quite comfortable in the lounge they'd found. They'd shrugged off their coats, helping themselves to some of the refreshments from kitchen.

"Well?" asked Tabetha, as she and Augustus looked up, looking behind Amy and Rory for their grandchild.

"We... couldn't find her. We looked everywhere! This planet didn't seem to be in any type of danger, which is usually where we would have started. Asked around, but no one seems to have seen her."

"She can't have gone far, if the TARDIS landed here," Rory reasoned.

"Or, she could already be off this planet if she didn't want the Doctor to find her."

"Right. Do you need us to help you look for her?"

"It would probably help to have extra eyes. Otherwise, we might never find her. Oh, River. So much for first impressions," said Amy wistfully, hoping she wasn't in danger, so her parents wouldn't get the wrong, or right, idea about her lifestyle. She had told them about River's future in archaeology, but there was still quite a lot about her daughter that she may have... forgotten to mention yet.

"Well, no point in fussing over it," said Augustus, "what's done is done. Now, let's go find our Melody. I must say, I am quite excited to see this new planet, almost as much as meeting my granddaughter."

"And she's never seen us before- as her grandparents, I mean?" Tabetha asked, the implications of finally meeting her baby's baby catching up to her now that they were so close.

"Well, that's the thing," Amy started, unsure of how they would take this news, "It just depends on which version of her we get."


"She's a time traveller too. We don't always see her in the right order. We might see a Melody- River, who's much, much older than the version who's graduating. Of course, we're just as likely to see one who's just starting University."

"If only we knew where to look!" growled Rory in frustration, before Tabetha looked up at the annoyed parents.

"Amelia, you once told us Melody- this, River, was once Mels. Look at me, and please, don't lie. Was that true?"

She stared down at her mother, willing her to believe her once and for all.

"Yes, Mum. Mels was our daughter."

Tabetha and Augustus gazed up at her, before Tabetha sighed, resigned, and gave a quick nod of her head before standing up, Augustus already holding out her coat to put over her shoulders.

"Let's go then."

"Wait," Rory started, confusion on his face, "Go where?"

"If River really is Mels, we already know where she is- where she always ends up one way or another."

"What are you talking about?" Amy asked in irritation, even as Rory half chuckled in realization. "Where are we going?"

"To the nearest prison, of course. To bail out our granddaughter. Again."

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